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How to listen to a child's reading


1) Find a comfy place to sit and ensure you can both see the book.

2) Talk a little bit about the book - have they read any of it before? What happened? If not, look at the cover together and discuss what you notice?

3) Allow the child to start reading when ready.

4) Try not to interrupt them if they make a mistake; allow them time to spot their own mistakes and correct.

5) If they don't self-correct, ask them to take a look at that bit again and re-read. Provide a prompt if needed.

6) Listen out for the following:

-expression: do they vary how it sounds depending on what the words are?

-word recognition: how quickly they can recognise and read the words on the page.

-rhythm/phrasing: how do they group the words they are reading? Single word or in groups of 2 or 3 or even longer phrases?

-smoothness: does the reading flow well or does it sound choppy? Do they use punctuation well? Ensure they stop at full stops and don't run on into the next sentence.


Other ways to read:

A) Paired reading - take it in turns to read sentences or sections of text

B) Echo reading - you read a sentence or section of text and then the child reads it back to you.