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Challenge Day - A Day in Politics


On Friday 16th November, a group of pupils were invited to take part in a Challenge Day which was designed to stretch their academic abilities and inter-personal skills.  Enabling Enterprise,  an award-winning social enterprise organisation, whose mission is to equip young people with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need to succeed in life, came into school to host a workshop – A Day in Politics.  Pupils worked in teams to form political parties with a mission and a manifesto promoting social justice.  Pupils prepared for a Hustings by creating logos, banners, bunting and merchandise which would promote their cause. Parties promoted such issues as social care for the elderly, education, and the NHS.   At the end of the day, each Party, presented their manifesto and were questioned by the electorate on how they chose to spend their budgets.    The centrist party – Leading the Next Generation, led by Kira, Edita, Aiden and Bazi – were duly elected and will be presented with their certificates at the Friday assembly on 30th November. Pupil feedback on the event was excellent – there was lots of good-natured rivalry and some serious political discussion, which showed an incredibly maturity from our young politicians. Our future will be safe in their hands.