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Our teachers will ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day. In addition they use other curriculum areas to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency whilst maintaining recall of essential arithmetic skills by teaching a weekly arithmetic lesson and by including arithmetic starters at the beginning of each lesson. Our pupils understand the importance of mathematics, are encouraged to be confident in numeracy and to apply the skills that they learn to problem solving. To encourage this, kit boxes are made available to every child to move learning from the concrete to the abstract. The activities cover a wide range of mathematical knowledge, many with an emphasis on number work. Once a week pupils in year 1 to 6 complete a 3 minute times table or number fact test and a mental arithmetic test lesson. There are extra activities throughout the year to promote mathematical skills and thinking including participation in whole school maths days.


To further learning at home Mangahigh is used for weekly homework. Pupils can access this from home on any electronic device and it can be used to play fun, educational games once they have finished their allocated homework tasks.

Further games can be found on the following websites:

For further information please download our calculation policy: