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Curriculum & Homework

Please log in to Google Classroom to see the homework your child needs to complete each week. It needs to be completed in their green homework book and can either be returned to school each Wednesday or kept at home and uploaded to Google Classroom.


If you cannot remember your Google Classroom log-in details please speak to your class teacher or phone/email the school office.

Maths coverage

Here is what we will be covering in maths over the next few weeks so you are in a good position to know which area of maths to support your child with.


You can also log on to Learning With Parents to watch videos and complete tasks linked to different areas of learning. 


Week beginning 22 November 2021

1. Angle Facts

2. Triangles

3. Quadrilaterals

4. Missing angles

5. Polygon angles


Week beginning 29 November 2021

1. Draw shapes

2. Co-ordinates

3. Translations

4. Reflections

5. Missing co-ordinates


Week beginning 6 December 2021

1. Missing co-ordinates

2. 3D shape

3. 3D shape

4. Circles

5. Multiplying fractions


Week beginning 13 December 2021

1. Multiplying mixed numbers/improper fractions

2. Division of fractions

3. Revisit topic required

4. Revisit topic required

5. Revisit topics required