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Year 6 Photos

The Year 6 children have really enjoyed the camp at Celtic Harmony; they have created flour by grinding wheat between granite stones; made pizzas; created yarn and done weaving on a loom. They have also hunted for runes, made soap arrow heads by carving carefully and archery. They have made dens and toasted marshmallows and sausages on an open fire. What an adventure!

Leavers' Bowling Trip

Leavers' Trip to Jump Revolution

Year 6 Leavers' Water Fight

Residential Trip to Celtic Harmony, Wednesday 25th May 2022

Residential trip to Celtic Harmony, Tuesday 24th May 2022

Residential trip to Celtic Harmony, Monday 23rd May 2022

Enjoying their SATs breakfast, 9th May 2022

British Science Week, 14th March 2022

Computing, coding, 10th February 2022

Break time, March 2022

21.11.21: Circulatory System using gingerbread biscuits!

First day back at school, September 2022

Today was the first day back at school and the first day of My Right to Be Safe Week. We had class discussion around the articles and started designing our class chatterboxes. 


We were reminded that we have the right to be safe and well cared for. We are a telling school and we are a listening school. We have learned about what bullying is and what to do about and ways to stay safe in body and mind.