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Oracy is all about using your voice and words to put forward your opinion and justify them, which is a massive part of the culture fostered here at Coppice. Oracy at Coppice is systematically taught across the curriculum and throughout the key stages of the school. Teaching staff undergo continuous training throughout the year to provide more effective strategies and opportunities for oracy within the children's topics.

There is a clear progression of learning with oracy, as the child gets older and is taught more advanced and complex oracy strategies to continue their advancement.

 A key part of the oracy work at Coppice is to provide lots of opportunities to showcase the children’s hard work and learning. to an authentic audience. These events, both whole school and class based give the children accountability and real world purpose for their work, validating their work and spurring them onto greater oracy endeavours. Some of the opportunities include; poetry week, Shakespeare fortnight, debate assemblies, talk rich assemblies in phases and even parents evenings, which in KS2 are lead by the children themselves.


At Coppice we…


· Aim to develop and nurture the voices of the future! Instilling our children with the necessary skills to rise up and achieve the height of oracy in the UK, becoming an MP!


· Aim to build the confidence of each child to discuss and showcase their learning through their own voice, being able to effectively discuss ideas, present learning, and debate topical current affairs of the world.


·  Aim to create a culture of oracy throughout the school, supporting a dialogue between educator and learner to support progression of learning across the curriculum.


· Aim to  develop the eloquence and communication skills of our children throughout their Coppice lives.


·  Aim to develop our children’s confidence in speaking their own truths! Fulfilling our school moto, Aspire, Believe, Achieve.