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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


What is the Physical Education funding?


For the academic years 2013-2018 there has been additional government funding given to schools, including Coppice. The aim of the funding is to improve provision of Physical Education (PE).


At Coppice we will ensure that this information (below) is available to all, alongside the extensive PE provision provided, both within and beyond the school day.


Coppice, for the academic year 2018-2019, will be allocated £19000 in PE funding.


Current Year 6 42% have met 25 meters and water safety skills 

Current Year 5 45% have met 25 meters and water safety skills 







Use of Funding


Continued resource of specialist PE teacher provides a broad rich engaging curriculum to all students.

Students participate in a broad range of sports, including the continued development of non-traditional sports.

Students are provided with two hours of quality PE.

Employment of a specialist PE teacher full time.


Development of other non-specialist teacher staff.


Repairing and replacing resources.

Increased participation


Broad engaging curriculum.


Enhanced quality of teaching and learning.


Positive attitudes towards health and well-being.

Continued repairing and replacement of resources.

vast range of sporting equipment for PE lessons, active play and extra-curricular clubs. Repair and replace damaged equipment. Students’ experience a broad range curriculum and engage in physical activity outside of the curriculum.
Continued enhancement of teacher’s professional development.

NQT’s and other teaching staff attended CPD courses within different areas of the curriculum.


Improved subject knowledge enhancing planning and delivery of PE lessons.

The attendance on the CPD courses for staff.

Improved subject knowledge enhancing planning and delivery of PE lessons.


Students’ experience challenging lessons which allows them to progress at a quicker rate.

Student’s participation in swimming lessons during curriculum time. All year 4 students attend the swimming lessons and learn to swim at least 25 meters. Hiring of the pool and transport for the swimming lessons. Students get to learn how to swim at least 25 meters.
Increase participation in competitive school sport. Providing students with transport to extra-curricular fixtures and events. Booking of minibuses or taxi’s to events.

Students get to experience competing in competitive sport.


Contributing to increased participation.

Celebration of healthy eating within the school. Students being provided with a healthy lunch for school. Payment of trip as a reward. Students will receive recognition of their healthy eating of which hopefully will encourage the continued positive lifestyle change.

Continued repairing and replacement of permanent resources.

Replacement of broken permanent equipment. Replacement football goal nets and basketball posts. Students will be able to host extra-curricular fixtures at Coppice Primary School once again.
Increase participation in extra-curricular sport with the use of specialist PE teacher and outside coaches.

Participation of students in an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs including lunch times and after school.


Participation of students in an extra-curricular club provided by the out of school coach.


Time of specialist PE teacher providing the extra-curricular clubs.


Payment of the coach providing the extra-curricular club.

Contribution to Increased student participation in sport.


Improved behavior at lunch times.


Opportunities for less active students during lunch times.


Positive attitudes towards health and well-being.