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Set 3

Set 3 Sounds


As children begin to learn the Set 3 sounds, they have mastered the skill of reading on sight and are developing intonation and expression in their reading.  These skills, as well as comprehension are developed further with more complex texts - reading Orange, Yellow, Blue and Grey storybooks.  The resources below will help to support your child learning the RWI Set 3 sounds. 


The Set 3 sounds offer alternative spellings to sounds already taught e.g. In Set 2 we learnt the ee sound as in tree.  Now they will also learn ea as in read, the same sound but a different spelling.  Similar to Set 2, there is a picture phrase for each sound to help your child remember the sound.  See the Complex Speed Sounds chart below, each box contains alternative spellings for the same sound.  


The split digraphs e.g. a_e as in make, often proves the trickiest to spot in words when reading so a little extra practise with these will be valuable.  


When you think you know all the sounds, use the Speed Sounds Slideshow (on shuffle) to practise them, you can change the speed they are flashed at or can change it manually.


There is also a link to some phonics games which you can do to help practise the sounds as you work through this set.


If you have any questions or would like advice, please contact your teacher via the message log in Google Classroom or email to