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Welcome to Year 6!


Ms Sterling and Ms Baker welcome you to Year 6. This Autumn Term we will be focusing on the journey of chocolate, evolution and not forgetting the Mayans. Fabulous work will be posted to celebrate the success of the children in Year 6, as well as pictures of the workshops which they will experience and school trips. If you have some more ideas in regards to how we can make our page more exciting, then please make some suggestions!

During this Autumn term we have been following the journey of chocolate. We have had a visit from Carl Turner, an experienced chocolatier and have been investigating our community's relationship with fair trade.

Year 6 are studying the circulatory system within Autumn Term 2 and have created spectacular life drawings of the heart of a lamb. They were also able to hold it and dissect it.

We have undertaken surveys within our local community as regards to people's knowledge of fair trade and have attempted to inform the school community as a whole on the importance of fair trade and the impact it has on farmers.

Fossil Making - 6BZ

Fossil Making - 6BZ 1
Fossil Making - 6BZ 2
Fossil Making - 6BZ 3
Fossil Making - 6BZ 4
Fossil Making - 6BZ 5

In Year 6 we have focused on Darwin's theory of Evolution and have undertaken our own investigation as regards to beak adaptation and survival.