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We will be using Google Classroom to set activities for the children to complete.  This week, we would like children to complete the science activity that has been shared there, reply to to your teacher in the weekly communication log and listen to the daily reader that has been uploaded. We have also uploaded the Testbase reading comprehension, Maths reasoning and Arithmetic as usual.


You can also work through the activities provided by BBC Bitesize (please note, these are not materials created by Coppice staff so we cannot take responsibility for the content).


From the 27th April, you will be able to access materials that class teachers have prepared on Google Classroom including maths, English, comprehension and a topic such as science, music etc.


We hope you are staying safe, healthy and happy.


Warm Regards, Ms Baker and Ms Sterling

School Closure Learning Support Ideas


To all our children and families, hope you are keeping well and making the most of your family time together.  These are unprecedented times, keeping our families safe and healthy are priorities for all of us.  


If you are managing to fit in some reading, 20 minutes of maths and literacy activities each day - well done!  Anything on top of this is a bonus!  New resources will be added to this section to support your learning experiences at home so please keep checking in.  Remember if you have any questions you can email us at


Thank you for sending in your great rainbow pictures - lovely to see you all keeping busy and having fun!!


Take care,

Ms Baker and Ms Sterling

During this Autumn term we have been following the journey of chocolate. We have had a visit from Carl Turner, an experienced chocolatier and have been investigating our community's relationship with fair trade.

We have undertaken surveys within our local community as regards to people's knowledge of fair trade and have attempted to inform the school community as a whole on the importance of fair trade and the impact it has on farmers.

Picture 1
To celebrate the Christmas season and our study of Charles Dickens' classic 'A Christmas Carol', Year 6 attended a special representation of the book in the form of a play at the Museum of London and afterwards visited the Victorian gallery.

6BZ- Pok-ta-Pok also known as Mayan football

6BZ- Pok-ta-Pok also known as Mayan football 1
6BZ- Pok-ta-Pok also known as Mayan football 2
Year 6 are studying the circulatory system within Autumn Term 2 and have created spectacular life drawings of the heart of a lamb. They were also able to hold it and dissect it.

Fossil Making - 6BZ

Fossil Making - 6BZ 1
Fossil Making - 6BZ 2
Fossil Making - 6BZ 3
Fossil Making - 6BZ 4
Fossil Making - 6BZ 5

In Year 6 we have focused on Darwin's theory of Evolution and have undertaken our own investigation as regards to beak adaptation and survival.

In Autumn Term 2, Year 6 visited the Ilford Army Reserve Centre, where they learnt key skills as regards to becoming independent citizens of Redbridge.
Picture 1
Picture 1
Welcome to Year 6's Spring Term. Our main focus will be on World War 2 and classic texts such as 'Goodnight Mr.Tom'. Please enjoy the following pieces of work and shared experiences below.
Henry Moore was an official war artist who depicted brave Londoners who were forced to use the underground system as a means to protect themselves against the Blitz. The children in Year 6 sought to emulate his work with the use of pastels.
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Holocaust Workshop in Year 6

Holocaust Workshop in Year 6 1
Holocaust Workshop in Year 6 2
Holocaust Workshop in Year 6 3
Holocaust Workshop in Year 6 4