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To help support you all whilst we deliver online lesson via Google Classroom, we have created a set of rules that will also be posted into your child's online classroom.

We have also created a series of videos and documents to answer the most popular questions.
These are currently 'How do I log into Google Classroom and access the work?' and 'How do I set up a Chromebook and access the work?'


If you have any further questions then please contact the school office or email

To help us to stay safe, promote a positive and welcoming Coppice online community and to be consistent across the school, we have come up with a few rules and guidelines for you all. Please read and follow them.


1. Please use standard English in your communication with each other and with staff. i.e. please don't use 'yh', use 'yes'. - spelling mistakes are different but 'chat speak' is a no.


2. Accessing Google Education for children should be between the hours of 8am-8pm. You may complete your work at anytime during those hours. Teachers will ensure that your work is up on the website from 8am Monday-Friday.


3. Remember that it is important that we stay safe when we are online. You might be asked to use the internet as part of your project, or you might want to do your own research and use some of the wonderful resources that have been produced by the BBC and others. Please remember what you have been taught at school. - Fact check what you read first, a website like the BBC is a website that we can trust but there are many other websites, some created by 'normal' people at home. Look at two websites to confirm the information is correct.

Avoid social media and games that have chat or speech in them, and if you are going to use them, make sure your parents know so that they can ensure you stay safe.

It is just as important to be polite and respectful. Remember that when communicating with your teacher and and your classmates.


4. If you have any questions, you have a number of ways to communicate them. Either directly onto your class 'stream' as a class comment, within an assignment, a private message within the assignment, by calling the school office or emailing in using

We have also create a page on the school website to answer some of the most popular questions


5. We will be contacting children who haven't responded within a week. A response could just be you uploading your work, but, it would also be great if you could write us a comment in the message logs that have been created for you. That way we can have more of a catch up and we can make sure you are all keeping well.


Mr Taliana

How to log into your Google Classroom & how to start a new assignment

Further to the written guides, here is a video showing you how to log into your Google Classroom and now to create a new document for your assignments.

How to set up the school Chromebook

This video will show you how to connect to the internet at home and how to log your child in

Written guide on how to set up your school Chromebook

1.    Once the Chromebook is turned on, you’ll see the WiFi icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click on it and select your home network.
It will then ask you for your router password, you normally find this somewhere on your router.
2.    Once you are connected to your WiFi you will need to log your child in. The username has been given to you already. It looks a little like this:
The Chromebook has been setup so you don’t need to write the part.
Once that is done, type in your password.
3.    Once the Chromebook has logged you in, you might notice the Chromebook downloading apps and updating in the background. This is normal.
4.    To access the Google Classroom, click on the Google Chrome app and it will open a browser where you are already logged into your Google education account. 
Simply type to get to your child’s classroom.
If you have any further questions then please contact the office or telephone 020 8708 0740

We have some advice for families who are accessing Google Education via a phone. 

1. We recommend downloading the Google Classroom app from your phone's app store.. The app is designed to make the most of a smaller screen and will make life a bit easier for you.

2.  We recommend also downloading the Google Slides app. This will allow you to hear the audio that has been recorded in the Slides by the teachers.

3. It's easy to forget to connect to your home WiFi when you are on your phone. We recommend connecting to the WiFi if possible to reduce the amount of data you use up.

Using Google Classroom with an Amazon Kindle Fire

This video will show you how to edit a Google Classroom document using an Amazon Kindle Fire.