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Set 2

Congratulations you are now ready to learn the Set 2 sounds!!


The resources below will help to support your child learning the RWI Set 2 sounds. 


There are only 12 sounds in Set 2 so the Speed Sounds Book below has been combined with the Set 3 sounds.  This little booklet shows the phrase to help your child remember the new sounds and also has a couple of words to revise using previous sounds on each page.


When you think you know all the sounds, use the Speed Sounds Slideshow (on shuffle) to practise them, you can change the speed they are flashed at or can change it manually.


There is also a link to some phonics games which you can do to help practise the sounds as you work through this set.


The green word cards we use in phonics have sound buttons to help you notice the sounds that are in the word.  As your confidence grows, you won't need the sound buttons to help you and should be able to spot the new sounds (also known as special friends, digraphs - two letters making one sound) in words as you read independently


Ready for Set 3?  Being able to read the words in the boxes (or similar words) at the bottom of the page will be a good sign that you have learnt all the Set 2 sounds well and are ready to move on to Set 3.  


If you have any questions or would like advice, please contact your teacher via the message log in Google Classroom or email to



Assessment - have a go at reading the words below (real and pseudo). You should get 90% correct if you are ready for Set 3!