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At Coppice we are extremely lucky to have our very own tailor made art suite, children from EYFS to year 6 regularly have their art lessons in the art suite. Pupils are able to learn in an engaging and fun environment with all our amazing art resources close to hand.  The main art lesson is taught every two weeks by the art specialist, although children do have art lessons with their class teacher. Children have the opportunity to become art monitors, where they take responsibility for the smooth running of their lessons, this encourages them to respect the resources that we have.


Our aim in art is to encourage children to try things that they might not have the chance or would not normally try elsewhere, to remind them that art is a way to express themselves in different ways and that their work can never be wrong.


We learn about different artists and what style of work that they produce and that they were once beginners and that it is ok for something that has been created to look ‘not quite right’.

The art work that we produce is displayed proudly around our school and is quite often commented on by visitors.  From the creepy critters that EYFS create to the amazing fine line drawings of dinosaur skulls that year 6 have produced.


Art is also encouraged through homework, this often produces amazing 3D models and artwork.  We are fortunate enough to have a resource library for children to borrow, if they do not the resources they need to complete their homework, or even if they want to ‘paint for fun’.  The children know that they can always come to the art room and get advice or need help. We also have an art club which is hugely popular, there is always a waiting list for this club, as the children get to create things that they may not have the chance in doing at home.


We recently had the opportunity to take part in an art project by the artist and film director Steve McQueen and The Tate.  This involved taking photographs of all the year 3 classes in London, which then created a huge piece of artwork, members of the public can visit the exhibition. Billboards around all 33 London boroughs showed each year 3 class, 76,000 children took part.