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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

What do I do if I want my child to attend your nursery class?


Applications should be made direct to the school. Admissions to community school nursery classes will be considered as follows:


1. “Looked after” children that is, children in public care

2. Four year old siblings, with preference to older children

3. Four year old children with preference to older children

4. Three year old siblings, with preference to older children

5. Three year old children with preference to older children


If you do not get a place at our Nursery, there is no right of appeal against the Schools decision.


If your child gets a place in our nursery it does not guarantee that s/he will have a place in the school. You will need to apply again for admission to a Reception class. If your child does not attend nursery, or has a place in another early years setting this will not affect his/her chance when applying for school admissions.


When should I apply for my child to start school?


Every primary school has a size based on the admission number. This is the agreed and planned number of pupils in the year group that can be safely and comfortably fitted into the school. Coppice Primary School is a two form entry school which means we have two classes of 30 pupils in each year group. You can apply for up to six Redbridge community schools, giving your reasons. Each application will be considered equally. If there are more applications than places available, the following criteria will be used in priority order to decide how places will be allocated:


  • “looked after” children, that is children in public care.
  • Children where it is agreed that it is essential they be admitted to the school on exceptional medical or psychological grounds.
  • Children with siblings who are already on roll at the school and will still be on roll when the child is admitted.
  • Children living nearest to the school as measured by the shortest walking distance from the child’s home to the main entrance of the school using public roads and recognised footpaths. Within each category, the shortest measured walking distance from the child’s home to school, using public roads and footpaths, is used to give priority to applicants. Confirmations of placements are usually given in April. 


For more information on the Redbridge admissions please visit:

Our school Office Manager, Kym Arnold-Brown will be pleased to offer advice and further information on how to apply for a place at our school.