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Travel Plan

A school travel plan is a scheme that aims to reduce car use on journeys to and from school and improve safety on journeys.


This is achieved through the following initiatives:

*  Surveys from children and staff on how they currently travel to school and how they would like to.

*  Road Safety Campaigners who help develop the travel plan through promotion to the local community and the school, ideas of initiatives that can develop walking, cycling to school and promotion of road safety.

*  Surveys available for parents to complete on their journeys to school and their opinions

*  Action plan designed identifying the issues that decrease sustainable transport use

*  Walking initiatives- walk to school competition with badges for children, walk to school month and walk to school week etc…

*  Cycling and Scooter initiatives- Bikeability and get riding scheme, cycling lessons in PE and cycling and scooting extra-curricular clubs etc…

*  Road safety productions from theatre companies


Through all of the above opportunities over the last couple of years Coppice have been awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold Travel Plan. Car use has decreased from 20% to 14% whereas walking has increased from 49% to 55% and cycling from 5% to 6%.


Walk to School

Walk to school has been an initiative that the children have valued at Coppice, every day the children record on a computerised system how they travelled to school. If they achieve a set amount of sustainable travel e.g.  walking, cycling and scootering within a month then the child receive a badge. Within this, each class is competing against each other every month for percentage of sustainable travel for the Walk to School trophy.


The Big Pedal

The Big Pedal is a national cycling competition that encourages children, parents and staff to cycle to school. The competition takes place over two school weeks, when a child cycles to school they receive a raffles ticket which gets put into a prize draw. There is a noticeable increase during the competition of cyclists, in the academic year of 2018-2019 we completed 2475 journeys.


Road Safety

Road safety is an important aspect of the travel plan for the children to learn about. Road safety is taught within the school curriculum by classroom teachers, we also have several theatre companies that visit Coppice and teach the children road safety through productions.


Day Glow Day 

In October Coppice have taken part in a Redbridge's Day Glow Day. The children were invited to wear bright or fluorescent  clothing, to demonstrate awareness for the darker nights of road safety. Well done to the children who took part! The children who have worn the brightest clothing have been nominated for prizes from Redbridge, which will be awarded soon! ‚Äč


Junior Road Safety Watch 

On Wednesday 20th November a mixed year 5 and 6 group had the opportunity to work with the Redbridge travel plan team and  the police to highlight awareness to motorists of the speed limit outside Coppice Primary School on Manford Way. The children were very excited about this opportunity, as they had a chance to question the motorists n their speeding.