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7.9.20  Welcome to Reception!


We are delighted to finally meet our new cohort, they are settling very well and enjoying our new classroom spaces.  We have been making new friends, establishing some routines and exploring all our setting has to offer, so far this has included indoor and outdoor play, exploring the bikes, climbing frame, field area and our nature garden.  We look forward to seeing our whole classes in together this week and look forward to having lunch with them on Friday!


Remember we have a curriculum meeting via zoom on Monday @10am - details sent via Parentmail.


We look forward to getting to know our children and their families over the coming weeks.


Mrs Ulyatt & Miss Parry-Jones

Deen's Doubles Rhyme for Lockdown!

Still image for this video
Deen made up his own version of our doubles rhyme, giving everyone a positive and hopeful message during lockdown!

W/C 20.4.20 We are on Google Classroom!


We will be using Google Classroom to set activities for the children to complete.  This week, we would like children to complete the science activity that has been shared there, reply to to your teacher in the weekly communication log and listen to the daily reader that has been uploaded.


We will also continue to upload activities to this page, so remember to take a look at the subjects above if you are keen to do extra activities.  There are some great animations in the English page and you can practise your phonics with some games on a link in this page too.


You can also work through the activities provided by BBC Bitesize (please note, these are not materials created by Coppice staff so we cannot take responsibility for the content).


From the 27th April, you will be able to access materials that class teachers have prepared on Google Classroom including maths, English, comprehension and a topic such as science, music etc.


We hope you are staying safe, healthy and happy.


Mrs Ulyatt & Mrs Alici

School Closure Learning Support Ideas


To all our children and families, hope you are keeping well and making the most of your family time together.  These are unprecedented times, keeping our families safe and healthy are priorities for all of us.  


If you are managing to fit in some reading, 20 minutes of maths and literacy activities each day - well done!  Anything on top of this is a bonus!  New resources will be added to this section to support your learning experiences at home so please keep checking in.  Remember if you have any questions you can email us at


Thank you for sending in your great rainbow pictures - lovely to see you all keeping busy and having fun!!


Take care

Mrs Ulyatt & Mrs Alici

W/C 9.3.20 Science Week

Birds of Prey Presentation

Our Diverse Planet - Dress Up Day! Thank you to all the children and parents for your fantastic costume efforts, it made a great start to the day - our classrooms were buzzing with excitement. The children spent time across the school in different classrooms exploring a range of scientific concepts and meeting new people.

World of Reptiles

W/C 2.3.20 Pirates Love Underpants & World Book Day

World Book Day was a big success, the children looked fabulous in their character costumes and were full of excitement all day! The enjoyed some pirate activities and songs, as well as sharing stories with children in Year 3 during the afternoon.

RU visited Hainault Library on Tuesday, we were lucky to enjoy a lovely walk in the sunshine and the children enjoyed listening to a story and choosing a book to bring back to school. A 'big thank you' to all the parents who accompanied us on this visit!

W/C 2.3.20  Pirates in Pyjamas

This week we enjoyed exploring our newly decorated outdoor building (we are yet to decide on a name for it). It is decorated as a home role play area and the intention is for it to not only be used by the children in their play but also as an additional learning space for interventions. We now have heating and light in there so we are able to use it year round.

We all had a lovely surprise on Thursday morning when it started to snow/sleet - we wrapped up warm and enjoyed playing outside. Some children made a shelter to protect them from the cold, others enjoyed scooping up the slushy ice that was forming and watching it melt as they threw it to the ground! After a little while, lots of us needed to go inside to warm up!

On Friday we all dressed in our pyjamas to celebrate our first text of this half term - Pirates in Pyjamas. This week we have made pirate hats and props and enjoyed our new role play areas, a pirate ship in RA and a pirate cave in RU.

W/C 3.2.20 This week we travelled on public transport to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. The children enjoyed the journey, travelling on buses and trains, we were incredibly proud of how sensible and well behaved they were throughout the day! We had a workshop where we learnt about how trams and buses have changed over the years. Highlights included sitting in the driver's seat of a life size bus, climbing up to the top open deck of a tram and of course exploring the play area!

W/C 13.1.20 This week we enjoyed our first school trip! We visited Stansted Aerozone and took part in lots of different activities based around life at Stansted Airport. We listened to a presentation from a pilot and asked her some questions, afterwards Olivia said, "I want to be like the lady with 3 stripes!" Great to see we are inspiring the children on career prospects already!! We also met some firemen and had a go with the hose, as well as sitting in the driver's seat and finding out about all the controls. Then we walked up to the viewing area where we were only 200ft from the runway, it was very exciting to be so close to real planes. Afterwards we got to explore the centre, trying on different costumes, flying the paper aeroplanes we had made and trying to solve some puzzles. We were very proud of the children's behaviour and engagement during the day, well done!



Please remember to bring welly boots and PE kits into school as we get back into our usual timetable next week.  Many thanks!

W/C 6.1.20 Welcome back! After finishing the term with our super nativity performance, we were so proud of all the children. Whether their progress was having the confidence to get on stage, speak infront of an audience or do both we were delighted with their willingness to have a go and be brave - well done everyone! This week we enjoyed lots of maths activities for the first two days, we went to the Happy Puzzle Company session and really enjoyed working together in teams to solve the problems. In class we have been looking at different ways of counting and representing numbers using a ten frame. We have started reading Rosie Revere Engineer and have been building our own models and talking about them. We were also talking about Seasons and went on a winter walk looking for signs of winter. In PE we are practising ball games this half term (as well as getting fully changed!). Today our new homework grids have been sent home along with a paper copy of the curriculum jigsaw. We have also settled into our new phonics groups - it's been a busy week!

W/C 2.12.19 We have had lots of illness in Reception over the last few weeks so it is great to see the children coming back in to school feeling better. This week we started practising our performance, the singing is coming along and children are beginning to learn their lines - well done! We have sent the songs home today so please help your child to practise - I know some of them have been singing at home already! We have been looking at 3d shape, characters - making our own and creating dioramas for them.

W/C 18.11.19  This week we have been exploring The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.  We really enjoyed the music that helped to tell the story, we have been describing the main characters and also stepped out the story. Next week we will be looking at creating our own settings and characters.    In maths we have been exploring length, weight and capacity, in particular compare these measures using the suffix -er e.g. longer, shorter, lighter.  

W/C 11.11.19 As it is getting much colder outside, please help your child to learn how to zip up their coat, we are obviously helping them too, but it is great for them to be able to do this independently. Please ensure they have hats and gloves labelled so all belongings can be given out at the end of the day. It has been Safeguarding Week this week. We have been learning about road safety, 'Stop, look, listen,' we went to the nursery play area to practise crossing the road on the zebra crossing markings. We have talked about 'trusted adults' and how to be safe around strangers. We also talked about being kind to each other and keeping everyone safe in our class. In maths we have been adding and subtracting.

W/C 4.11.19 PHONICS - We have had some feedback from parents re phonics and knowing which sounds to practise.  From next week, please check your child’s bag each day for new phonics sheets that come home.

Mrs Alici’s Group will be continuing to learn new sounds and she will give her group a little note at the end of the week so you know which ones have been taught and can practise these in the sounds book.

Groups that are revising sounds will bring home a sheet each day with the sound they have practised.  

Some children will bring home word/caption sheets.

The groups are mobile, children will move between them as and when needed, so please check their bags for practise needed.  We feel this will be more useful than listing group homework as your child may change groups and you could be looking at incorrect information.

We appreciate your feedback, please remember you are welcome to come and chat after school if any questions arise.

W/C 4.11.19 We started the week excited about Bonfire Night, we briefly looked at its history including Guy Fawkes. As a follow up we made fireworks art (including painting and junk modelling) and chocolate breadstick sparklers! We have been reading Julia Donaldson’s Zog, a great opportunity to begin exploring rhyme - using nursery rhymes, silly soup game, rhyming wheels and sliders. In maths, we have begun exploring addition, using + and = symbols, as well as key vocabulary - how many altogether? We also visited Mr Scorgie this week to begin practising our end of term performance songs - very exciting!

W/C 28.10.19 PHONICS - The children have been assessed in phonics and are now regrouped to enable them to recap or move on as necessary.  Please continue to practise their letter formation in the little sounds book.  When new sounds are learnt, the children come home with a sticker so this should help keep track of which sounds they are learning.  Any questions, please come and ask Mrs Ulyatt or Mrs Alici.

W/C 28.10.19 This week in PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. We also went to the nature garden and enjoyed hot chocolate drinks! As the weather is getting colder and wetter, please remember to provide your child with a waterproof coat, gloves, hat and wellington boots. The boots will enable them to have free access to our garden area during the winter months.

W/C 14.10.19 PHONICS - Sounds to practise in your Speed Sounds Book this week are:  u, b, f and e.

W/C 14.10.19 This week we have been practising our poem 'We're going on a bear hunt,' unfortunately the video is too large to upload to the website :( We have also been making bears with moving ears and hammers and nails. In maths we have been representing number using stickers, drawings and giving raisins to the bears. We have also been on a treasure hunt looking for numbered bears in the nature garden, sharing clip boards with our friends and taking turns to tick the numbers we found, they were hidden in all sorts of places! Have a lovely holiday!

W/C 7.10.19 PHONICS - Sounds to practise in your Speed Sounds Book this week are:  g, o, c and k.

W/C 7.10.19 This week we enjoyed getting the bikes out again. Some of the children are practising riding with stabilisers and some are confident riding with only 2 wheels - well done everyone!!

W/C 30.9.19 PHONICS - Sounds to practise in your Speed Sounds Book this week are:  i, n and p.

W/C 30.9.19 This week in maths we have been learning to describe and make colour and size patterns. Our new text is Owl Babies, we went to the nature garden where we looked for nests and then made some of our own. We also followed instructions to make owl nest cakes!

This week RU filled their first bucket of bottle tops! Well done, I wonder how many more we can fill? A piece of art will be made from the whole school collection as we aim to highlight the consequences of single-use plastic.

W/C 23.9.19 PHONICS - Sounds to practise in your Speed Sounds Book this week are:  s, d & t

We have also sent home some words that your child would benefit from practising reading - using the sounds they have learnt so far.  Thank you for your support with this!

W/C 23.9.19 This week we have been measuring and comparing size. We have used cubes, set a picnic for the 3 bears (giving them the right size bowls etc) and been to the nature garden, looking for lots of different things we can measure.

W/C 16.9.19 PHONICS - Sounds to practise in your Speed Sounds Book this week are:  m & a

W/C 16.9.19 This week we met our Year 4 buddies, we played with them in Reception and are looking forward to spending some more time with them over the coming weeks.

W/C 9.9.16 We had our first full days towards the end of this week, lunch in the dining hall and then catching up with older siblings and friends - great fun! PLEASE REMEMBER YOU CAN PRE-ORDER YOUR CHILD'S LUNCH ONLINE - contact school office for more info.

W/C 2.9.19 During the first week in Reception, the children have been getting to know each other and their teachers. We have been really impressed by their calm attitudes and willingness to try lots of new activities. Well done everyone! Here are some of our highlights...