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Welcome to Reception!


Mrs Ulyatt and Miss Siddika are delighted to welcome you to Reception and look forward to supporting you and your child as they embark on this exciting adventure of learning at Coppice.


Please check this page regularly to see photo updates of our learning and also other key information.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

June 2022


After reading Pirates in Pyjamas, we had a pirate day, dressed in our pyjamas.  We enjoyed learning sea shanties, had our faces painted and made our own pirate maps - distressing the paper and using map symbols.  Then we rolled them up, tied with a ribbon and took them home to keep them safe!  We also learnt about how a compass was used by pirates to navigate and practised using compasses to make circles and mark N, S, E, W.

We are also practising recalling our number bonds to 5, one of the ways we have explored this is using Numicon and weighing scales.

May 2022


We were lucky enough to have a real life superhero visit us as part of our stunning start to our People Who Help Us topic - Hannah Parry-Jones is a nurse.  She visited both reception classes and spent time talking about her job and answering the children's questions, some of them were inspired to become nurses too because they like helping people.

We have noticed that there are more bugs in our garden so decided to make a bug hotel for them, we collected resources from our garden and the onsite nature garden and then worked with our nursery friends to make a huge hotel.  We have made signs for it and enjoyed searching for visitors, one of our favourite things to do is have snail races on its roof!

We have also been practising for sports day and are really enjoying our music sessions, especially when we got to play on various instruments!

1.4.22 - Congratulations to our Reading Raffle Winners!


A big congratulations to Adrian in RU who won a Kindle and Boris in RS who won bowling tickets!  They had been entered along with so many others, after completing the sticker chart in their reading records - for reading at home.


Have a fantastic break everyone, it's amazing to see snow, but we're secretly hoping for some lovely warm weather during the holidays!!!

March 2022 


We have thoroughly enjoyed our growing topic, from planting bean seeds, growing cress and making cress sandwiches to thinking about how we are growing life cycles (frog and plants) - which coincided with Science Week's topic of Growing!  We have also been learning about how to keep ourselves heathly, particularly our teeth.  We have read some lovely texts to explore these including The Tiny Seed, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird and Tadpole's Promise.  We also had a visit from Zoolab, where through story, we found out some interesting facts about a range of unusual pets.  I wonder if your children can remember any of these facts?!  We have also enjoyed learning to use the apparatus and land safely when jumping in gymnastics.

February 2022

Our Reception children are exploring lots of different purposes for writing and working really hard with their letter formation.  In their play, some of them enjoyed making their own word cards, finding the paper they wanted, cutting it and thinking of words to write - well done!

One of our favourite books this half term has been 'We're Going to Find the Monster' by Malorie Blackman.  We have explored making maps of our own story settings, thinking about different environments we have learnt about and written our own stories.   We thoroughly enjoyed our Little Monsters Dress Up Day full of monster activities including slime, making monster names and accessories. 

January 2022

In PE we have been practising throwing and catching bean bags with our partners - particularly learning the correct stance to throw, which so many of us can do now!  Our topic this term is 'Look at Our World' and we have started by looking at where Earth is in our solar system - we learnt that it is the only planet just the right distance from the sun for life, not too hot, not too cold!  We then went outside and recorded what we could see at different levels, thinking about whether these were natural things or man-made.  We loved playing on the field in our wellies, practising ball skills and playing 'It' in the long grass :)  We have also been practising counting accurately, representing numbers in different ways (e.g. 9 can look like 9 and 0 or 4 and 4 and 1) and 1 more/less than.  A special well done to Caileb, who made himself a tooth brush holder, using pom poms in the middle to 'make it soft like a teddy' which inspired lots of his peers to get creative too!

Tuesday 4th January - Welcome back to school!

It has been lovely to see everyone back after the holidays, sharing lots of news and enjoying playing with their friends!  Today we have been enjoying lots of problem solving activities as part of Math's Day. 

November 2021  The 3 Little Pigs

We have enjoyed delving into this familiar story, creating different voices for characters and listening to the rhythm of the story and retelling it together.  We are also recognising rhyming words and enjoyed a picture treasure hunt in our setting, some of us were then able to think of rhyming words to match the pictures we found! 

W/C 8.11.21 The Reception Ball

The children have been looking forward to the Reception Ball after they received their invitations last week.  This special day was a stunning start to begin our Once Upon a Time topic.  We enjoyed lots of drama, dancing, cake decorating, games, face painting and the day culminated with 5S coming to read some fairytales to us - we loved it and are excited to become great storytellers ourselves!

W/C 18.10.21: We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Congratulations to all our Reception children, you have had a fantastic start to school!  We are really proud of how you have grown already, some highlights are: 

  • making friends
  • learning to share and communicate in your play 
  • developing your independence at school.

This week we have been enjoying the well known story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  We have read and performed the story, found out interesting facts about bears, gone on bear number hunt and made bear pancake snacks - it's been a lovely end to our half term!  Here are some photos and a video to show our highlights.  Enjoy a well earned rest everyone!

We're Going on a Bear

Still image for this video

Week beginning: 11.10.21

We have been enjoying the lovely warm autumn sun, playing with our friends and being creative.  In literacy we have been reading The Very Helpful Hedgehog, it is a lovely tale of developing friendships and we have loved finding out interesting facts about hedgehogs.  Did you know hedgehogs can swim?  I wonder if the children can tell you any other facts?!  We collected sticks and used them to make our clay hedgehogs.  We know that hedgehogs hibernate so we made a hedgehog home in our nature garden for them, it was great fun collecting leaves, sticks, berries and grass to build together.  During our autumn walk we loved the freedom of exploring our grounds and collecting beautiful, interesting leaves - so many colours!  Can you spot the nest we found high up in the tree?!

Week beginning 27.9.21

We are now changing into our plimsols for PE, developing our confidence to do this independently and organise our belongings.  We have been exploring how we can travel on different body parts and using movement and expression, as well as responding to signals to ensure we are travelling safely in the hall.  In maths we are exploring size, comparing big/small and beginning to use key vocabulary to compare length and height: long, longer, longest, tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter and shortest.  We loved taking this learning outside to compare nature and also in our play when building enclosures, drawing a roadway and car park!

Week beginning 13.9.21

We are really enjoying our lunch times, sitting with our friends, trying different foods and then going out to play in the KS1 playground!  We have had lessons with some specialist teachers this week - Art with Mrs Harper, Computing with Mr Talliana and Music with Mr Scorgie!

10.9.21: First Week at School!


A fantastic congratulations to all our Reception children who have taken starting school in their stride!  We have met lots of happy children, who are already making new friends which is lovely to see.  This week we have explored our indoor and outdoor areas, met lots of new adults, including Mr Scorgie who will be teaching us music this term, and visited our nature garden.  Looking forward to lots more adventures next week!