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Who's Who

Below you will find a list of the current staff at Coppice Primary School.

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher - Clare Pike 

Head of School - Michael Fernandez (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Voice and day-to-day school management) 

Assistant Headteacher - Vicky Quaif (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching, Learning, Assessment, ECT Mentor, CPD, Geography & outdoor learning) 

Assistant Headteacher - Ashley Burdett (Inclusion Manager, SENDCo, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour)

School Business Manager - Claire Glendon-Higbee 


Middle Leadership Team

EYFS, Shadow Phonics Leader and ECT Mentor – Kelly Sears

Year 1, 2 and 3 Year Group Leader and ECT Mentor - Chandni Pandya

Year 4 , 5 and 6 Year Group Leader – Anna McConnell

French & History  - Emily Baker-Zibihi  (Maternity)

Mathematics - Chandni Pandya

Reading - Sara Sidhu

Writing - Sara Sidhu

Science - ~TBC

Computing and E-Safety - Ross Taliana

PE - Charlotte Newport 

PSHCE - Kelly Sears 

RE - Afsana Choudhury 

Forest School - Karen Dunstan

Geography - Vicky Quaif and Rebecca Honeyman

Oracy & More Able - Anna McConnell

Music, Early Reading, Performances, PPA, ECT and Leadership cover - Barry Scorgie

Pupil Voice (Pupil Advocates, Class advocates & Team Green) - Michael Fernandez 

Rights Respecting Schools Leader - Chandni Pandya 


Teaching Teams



Nursery - Esther Parry-Jones 

Year RKS – Kelly Sears

Year RYS - Yasmin Siddika



Year 1C – Mykala Charles

Year 1K - Jahmina Khatun

Year 2H – Rebecca Honeyman

Year 2P – Chandni Pandiya  

KS1 Cover Supervisor and Intervention Specialist - Sherra-Lee Stevens



Year 3C – Afsana Choudhury

Year 3F – Nowshin Faruque

Year 4T – Renee Thompson-Beccan 

Year 4S – Sara Sidu  



Year 5A - Maria Ahmed 

Year 5D – Kynaat Dad

Year 6U – Anayo Ukwunnah

Year 6BM – Emily Baker (Vicky Quaif Maternity Cover) and Anna McConnell


Specialist Teaching Team

PE - Charlotte Newport

Art - Tracey Harper

Computing - Ross Taliana

Music - Barry Scorgie

Forest School - Karen Dunstan


Student Teachers 

Year 2 - Tanya Baker 


Inclusion Team

Inclusion Leader, Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENCo - Ashley Burdett 

Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer - Rachel Downs 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Michael Fernandez

Intervention Specialist - Sharon Howlett

School Counsellor - Liz Murray-Bligh 


Support Staff

Nursery Officer - Dawn Christaki

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Maha Riaz

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Alison Silva

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Keeley Norman

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Debbie Fisher

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Perihan Diedrick

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Samira Chowdhury

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Lauren Redington

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Farida Haque

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Jodie Roworth

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Rebecca Naismith

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Anna Atanasova-Ivanova

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Demi Hoffman

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Pearl Kaitell

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Khadeija Ahmed 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Tyla Jones 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Teneiyah Henry 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Scarlett Williams 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Renae Clarke 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Shanesse Nicholson



Administrative Team

School Business Manager - Claire Glendon-Higbee

Office Manager - Kym Arnold-Brown

Finance Assistant - Juliet Cox

Receptionist - Chloe O’Brien

PA to the Executive Headteacher and School Business Leader - Jessie Kaitell 


Site Team

Cliff Medhurst 

Jade Buckingham 

Kane Edgar 


Midday Team

Senior Midday Supervisor - Julie Snell

Midday Assistant - Tina Norman

Midday Assistant - Alison Sewell

Midday Assistant - Tara Suthakar

Midday Assistant - Heidi Follen 

Midday Assistant - Jo Schrier

Midday Assistant - Parmit Sagoo

Midday Assistant - Gloria Adjei

Midday Assistant - Debbie Eaton

Midday Assistant - Roxana Gherasim

Midday Assistant - Rena Rule


Breakfast Club and After School Club

Julie Snell

Jo Schrier 

Kym Arnold-Brown

Anna Atanasova-Ivanova