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Who's Who

Below you will find a list of the current staff at Coppice Primary School.

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher - Clare Pike 

Head of School - Michael Fernandez (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Voice, Rights Respecting Schools, Induction Tutor, SLTC (EYFS) and day-to-day school management)

Assistant Headteacher - Vicky Quaif (Teaching & Learning, Assessment, ECT Mentor, CPD, Pupil Premium, SLTC (Maths), UKS2 Phase Leader & part-time Nursery teacher)  

Assistant Headteacher - Ashley Witherington (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion Leader, Behaviour Lead, Anti-bullying Lead and SENDCo)

Curriculum Lead - Shilan Aubdool

School Business Leader - Claire Glendon-Higbee 


Middle Leadership Team 

EYFS Phase Leader - Anna McConnell 

KS1 Phase Leader - Jessica Richards 

LKS2 Phase Leader - Chandni Pandya 

UKS2 Phase Leader - Vicky Quaif 

English Lead - Sara Sidhu 

Maths Lead - Chandni Pandya 

Science Lead - Anayo Ukwunnah 

Computing and E-Safety - Ross Taliana 

French & History - Emily Baker-Zibihi

PE - Charlotte Newport 

PSHCE & RSE - Kelly Sears 

RE - Maria Ahmed 

Geography - Rebecca Honeyman 

Art and DT - Tracey Harper 

Music, Phonics, Performances, PPA, ECT and Leadership cover, part-time Year 6 Teacher - Barry Scorgie 

EYFS Phonics, More Able and Oracy - Anna McConnell 

Forest School - Karen Dunstan 

Rights Respecting Schools - Michael Fernandez 

Pupil Voice (Pupil Advocates, Class Advocates and Team Green) - Michael Fernandez 


Teaching Teams 


Nursery - Anna McConnell and Vicky Quaif 

Year RPJ - Esther Parry-Jones 

Year RYS - Yasmin Siddika



Year 1R - Jessica Richards 

Year 1Y - Daisy Henderson

Year 2A - Gulcin Alici  

Year 2H - Rebecca Honeyman 



Year 3F - Nowshin Faruque 

Year 3A - Maria Ahmed 

Year 4P - Chandni Pandya 

Year 4K - Jahmina Khatun 



Year 5D - Kynaat Dad 

Year 5S - Sara Sidhu 

Year 6SB - Barry Scorgie and Emily Baker-Zibihi

Year 6U - Anayo Ukwunnah 


Student Teachers 

Year 1R - Lynette Fulgence (FIPC) 

Year 2A - Naushin Shili (UCL IOE) 

Year 3A - Emma-Jo Ferris (UCL IOE) 

Year 5D - Shakira Uddin (UCL IOE) 


Subject Specific Teaching Staff 

Computing and Online Learning - Ross Taliana 

Art and DT - Tracey Harper 

PE - Charlotte Newport 

Music - Barry Scorgie 

Forest School - Karen Dunstan 

Cover Supervisor and Intervention Specialist - Sherra-Lee Stevens 

SEN and Intervention Specialist - Sharon Howlett


Inclusion Team 

Inclusion Leader, Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo - Ashley Burdett

Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer - Rachel Downs (Maternity) 

Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer - Rebecca Cohen 

Behaviour Support Assistant - Harley Stevens 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Michael Fernandez 

Intervention Specialist - Sharon Howlett 

School Counsellor - Liz Murray-Bligh 


Support Staff 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Dawn Christaki 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Alison Silva 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Keeley Norman

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Debbie Fisher 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Perihan Diedrick 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Samira Chowdhury 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Lauren Redington 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Farida Haque 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Jodie Roworth 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Rebecca Naismith 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Anna Atanasova-Ivanova

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Demi Hoffman

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Pearl Kaitell 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Teneiyah Henry  

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Renae Clarke 

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Aniceala Santos 


Administrative Team 

School Business Manager - Claire Glendon-Higbee 

Office Manager (including attendance) - Kym Arnold-Brown

Finance and Admin Assistant - Juliet Cox 

Receptionist and Admin Assistant (including Medical and First Aid) - Chloe O'Brien 

Personal Assistant, Finance and HR Assistant - Jessie Kaitell


Site Team 

Cliff Medhurst 


Midday Team 

Julie Snell 

Alison Sewell 

Nicki Parker 

Gloria Adjei

Tina Norman 

Jo Schrier

Tara Suthakaran 

Heidi Follan

Debbie Eaton 

Roxana Gherasim 

Rena Rule 


Breakfast Club and Coppice Clubhouse 

Julie Snell 

Jo Schrier 

Anna Atanasova-Ivanova