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Who's Who

Below you will find a list of the current staff at Coppice Primary School.

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Clare Pike

Head of School - Michael Fernandez (Assessment) 

Assistant Headteacher - Rebecca Taylor (Curriculum) - Maternity Leave 

Assistant Headteacher - Vicky Quaif (Teaching and Learning) 

Inclusion Manager & SENDCo - Ashley Burdett

School Business Manager - Claire Glendon-Higbee


Site Management

Site Manager - Paul Lanigan

Assistant Site Manager - Kane Edgar


Middle Leadership Team

Humanities (French and History) - Emily Baker-Zibihi

EAL - Isabelle Lawrence

Science - Megan Finlay 

EYFS & KS1 Mathematics, KS1 & KS2 Intervention - Vicky Quaif

LKS2 Phase Leader and EYFS & KS1 English - Sophie Winner 

English, Oracy, Gifted & Talented - Gillian Russell

Music, Early Reading, Performances, KS1 Intervention - Barry Scorgie

Computing, E Safety and Homework - Ross Taliana

Mathematics and UKS2 Phase Leader - Hannah Veall

EYFS, RE, P4C, SEAL, Pupil and Class Advocates - Karen Ulyatt

Forest School and Geography - Joe Conder


Teaching Teams


Nursery (Potter Class) - Dawn Christaki & Sally Curtis

Year RB (Blake Class) - Karen Ulyatt

Year RL (Attenborough Class) - Isabelle Lawrence



Year 1K (Seacole Class) - Martha Kilner

Year 1S (Powell Class) - Danielle Stafford

Year 2AB (Caan Class) Gulcin Alici & Ashley Burdett

Year 2P (MacArthur Class) - Chandni Pandya



Year 3L (Turing Class) - Korinna Lorinc-Young

Year 3H (Zephaniah Class) - Sharon Hyde

Year 4W (Churchill Class) - Sophie Winner

Year 4S (Pankhurst Class) - Anastacia Sterling



Year 5C (Peake Class) - Joe Conder

Year 5U (Petchey Class) - Belen Garrido

Year 6V (Coe Class) - Hannah Veall, Megan Finaly and Vicky Quaif

Year 6Bz (Berners Lee Class) - Emily Baker-Zibihi


Specialist Teaching Team

PE - Charlotte Newport

Art - Tracey Harper

Computing - Ross Taliana

Music - Barry Scorgie

English - Gillian Russell

Maths - Dawn Geoghegan


Inclusion Team

Inclusion Leader and SENCo - Ashley Burdett

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Janice Adams (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 

Designated Safeguarding Lead Deputy - Clare Pike

Designated Safeguarding Lead Deputy - Michael Fernandez (DSL Tuesday and Thursday) 

HLTA – SEN KS2 - Sharon Howlett

HLTA - EAL - Michelle Bates


Support Staff

Nursery Officer - Alison Silva

Nursery Officer - Debbie Cohen

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Ellie Livesey

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Keeley Norman

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Shera-Lee Stevens

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Debbie Fisher

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Perihan Diedrick

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Samira Chowdhury

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Lauren Redington

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Farida Haque

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Jodie Roworth

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Rebecca Naismith

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Charlotte Holder

Teaching and Learning Assistant - Anna Atanasova-Ivanova

Apprentice Teaching and Learning Assistant - Esther Miller


Administrative Team

School Business Manager - Claire Glendon-Higbee

Office Manager - Steven Smith

Admin, Attendance and Finance Assistant - Rebecca Harding

Office Apprentice - Chloe O’Brien


Midday Team

Senior Midday Supervisor - Julie Snell

Midday Assistant - Tina Norman

Midday Assistant - Nicki Parker

Midday Assistant - Alison Sewell

Midday Assistant - Tara Suthakar

Midday Assistant - Anna Oleksiewicz

Midday Assistant - Heidi Follon

Midday Assistant - Karen Andrew

Midday Assistant - Anna Atanasova-Ivanova

Midday Assistant - Silvia Davies

Midday Assistant - Tracey Battams 


Breakfast Club and After School Club

Farida Haque

Debbie Cohen

Julie Snell

Tina Norman

Ellie Livesey

Aisha Patel