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We will be using Google Classroom to set activities for the children to complete.  This week, we would like children to complete the science activity that has been shared there, reply to to your teacher in the weekly communication log and listen to the daily reader that has been uploaded.


You can also work through the activities provided by BBC Bitesize (please note, these are not materials created by Coppice staff so we cannot take responsibility for the content).


From the 27th April, you will be able to access materials that class teachers have prepared on Google Classroom including maths, English, comprehension and a topic such as science, music etc.


We hope you are staying safe, healthy and happy.

Warm Regards, 

Ms Sidhu and Mr Conder

School Closure Learning Support Ideas


To all our children and families, hope you are keeping well and making the most of your family time together.  These are unprecedented times, keeping our families safe and healthy are priorities for all of us.  


If you are managing to fit in some reading, 20 minutes of maths and literacy activities each day - well done!  Anything on top of this is a bonus!  New resources will be added to this section to support your learning experiences at home so please keep checking in.  Remember if you have any questions you can email us at


Thank you for sending in your great rainbow pictures - lovely to see you all keeping busy and having fun!!


Take care,

Ms Sidhu and Mr Conder

Welcome to Year 5!

The year five team would like to welcome you all to this brand new year. The adults working in Year Five will be Mr Conder and Miss Sidhu. Within this area of the website we hope to provide helpful information about what will be happening within the year. We will include information about what the children have been learning, including trips and plenty of other exciting activities that have taken place. We hope that you find this page useful, if however, you require further information, please do not hesitate to ask. We thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Year 5 have recently taken part in a Viking day whereby pupils were able to dress up and enjoy a variety of fun filled Viking activities.


This Autumn term in year 5 we have been busier than ever, developing our understanding of the world and our own places within it, both historically and in the modern times.​ This has been conducted throughout our rich Curriculum in different topics, such as English, where we have explored the book 'Memorial' by Shaun Tan. 



This book made us dig deep into our emotions and look at the struggles of WW1 life in the trenches, and critically the aftermath of that dreadful conflict. This made remembrance Sunday particularly memorable, as the children wanted to delve deeper into animals used in the war. This led us to the purple poppy, which is used in remembrance of all the animals that have served and given their lives in conflict. The capstone of this learning was the creation of letters to the animal’s owners from the front lines, which allowed us to pour in rich contextual vocabulary and descriptive emotive language from the text. ​


As Geographers, we have worked to understand and locate Physical and Human features of the land in which we live, The UK! This saw us use atlases and locate major cities, rivers and mountains of both Great Britain and the United Kingdom as a whole. Moreover, one of the most interesting points was finding out what even is the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom​(ask your child if you don't know!).


As we draw towards Christmas we will look to spend more time investigating fractions in maths and continuing our Science topic of Forces.

During Spring Term, Year 5 has taken part in various Earth and Space activities as part of their Science Unit. The children created their own science displays by investigating into each of the planets and designing their own. They also created the phases of the Moon using Oreo Cookies!


Yummy Science!

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